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Welcome to The Fenway Faithful.

straight sox

Home of the 2007 World Series Champions..

We all love the Red Sox, some of us for years, some of us not so long. No matter how long we have been fans, we are all fans of one team. If you have any questions at all about the Red Sox or the history or a past player, do not hesitate to ask your question with out being ridiculed for not knowing the answer. We were all new fans at one time and had people to help us learn everything there is to know about this wonderful baseball team.

We really do not run this community with an iron fist, but there are a few rules we must enforce:

The rules:

1. Game Posts
Please don't clutter up everyones friends page with a million one line posts on game day. Try to limit all game chatter to one post.

2. Large pictures or Articles:
You really should put them behind a cut tag. If there are complaints about a large picture or a lot of polls, a mod may delete them to save the friends page... try to be a kind poster, not everyone has high speed internet connections.

3. Posting:
All posts should be Red Sox or at least MLB related.

4. Flame Wars:
Flame wars will not be tolerated.
I know they can be fun, to have a faceless argument with someone who says something you disagree with, but this is not the place for them.
Debating is fine, debates are fun as long as they do not turn into wars. If you have a problem with someone please contact one of the mods.

And lastly... This is a Red Sox community, other fans are welcome, but please keep your Red Sox jabbing to a minimum. Do not join to degrade the team or the fans.

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The Red Sox homepage.

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